FREE 1GB Webspace !

Since the time i got to know the fact that there are “Free Webspace” available online with Yahoo Briefcase, i have had quite an interest in getting the most use out of them. The Simple fact that the data uploaded can be retrieved at anytime and anyplace (with an Internet – (preferably Broadband 😉 connerction available), has many advantages. Whether it is for hosting stuff for your friends, or hosting stuff for your website / forum post, free webspaces come in real handy.

Back in the older days, when a 25MB Hotmail Inbox, and a 50MB yahoo Inbox were the best things in the world, a 50MB Space at Yahoo Briefcase had a lot of value. And now that Microsoft has unveiled quite a few new features since their Windows Live services have been anounced. One of the most interesting things is Windows Live SkyDrive.

Since its conversion from Beta, Skydrive announced a Webspace of 500MB for hotmail account users. The services includes Personal Folders, and Public Folders, with the abilit to create new folders at your will. Now today, i just logged in to upload some stuff, and guess what ?! I stumbled upon this !


 No this was i so c00l ! And although i doubt i would ever be using anything greater than a 100MB on Skydrive (because Uploads are a bit costly, using up my bandwith, as well as the TIME it takes @ my currrent connection (512Kbps DSL)…….) But still, its nice to know that there is 1GB of free space out there waiting to be used …


One comment on “FREE 1GB Webspace !

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