JustCause 2, trying to come back?

I wanted to like Just Cause. But the full game, it had problems. Made me want to scream! . It had splendid graphics, but the gameplay was ridiculous, and so were the perks such as a helicopter to ferry you down the street if you wanted !

 Well that sequel’s just had the wraps taken off, with some screenshots and info passed on to IGN. Some of the promised improvements include better enemy AI, a targeting system similar to Crackdown’s aim-at-specific-body-parts one, better vehicle handling, better vehicles (including a…Boeing 747), less “dead space” on the game’s maps and Rico’s grappling hook is now a permanent addition to your arsenal. Just Cause 2 will also be leaving South America behind, but lovers of lazy sunsets will be happy to know it’s taking place on a fictional Malay island, so you can still expect bad guys wearing bad tropical shirts to feature prominently.


Just Cause 2 First Look [IGN]


CryTek shocase CryEngine2, that will run on $600 Machines!

Crysis, the game made on the CryTek1 engine, defined a new era by giving us astounding graphics based on Dx10, and set a new hallmark in game development. However, even the beastiest of machines cry down on their knees when running Crysis at full graphics, and benchmarks of systems having Quad-Sli Nvidia 8800GTX cards, and running on Intel C2Quad processors gave a maximum FPS of a meagre 35 !
So the Important thing about CryTek2 Engine to me, is Not more splendid Graphics, but the claim that it would be able to run on systems made under $600, keyboards and mouse combined ! Here is the Full news:

Crytek GnbH will be showing off their CryENGINE 2 and Sandbox 2 game editor on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The company will also be showing how a computer that can be made for less than $600 can run their fully-optimized engine. I suspect that might, just might be because of their PC-crushing game Crysis. It will be interested to find out what sort of tweaks they did to the engine to get it to run on the 360 and PS3, and more importantly if they tweaked each version differently to help play to their individual strong suits. Continue reading

Starcraft 2: New Screens Releaed!


Blizzard released two new screens for Starcraft 2 today. While neither show your traditional top-down RTS gameplay, they do show off the game’s adventure-styled hub setting. And how gorgeous it’s looking. They also give us a close-up of one of the game’s leading characters, rebel fighter Jim Raynor, who looks like he could do with more sleep.

Im soooo looking forward to this game !

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What is RSS / Feed?

Thanks to a splendid article over on Ashfame, this clearly describes on of the most benificial technology in use today, esp by bloggers.


What is RSS / Feeds?

RSS / Feeds is a technology used by millions of computer users nowadays to keep them self updated with the latest happenings from their favorite website without the need of manually visiting the websites regularly. Its like taking a subscription of the website where you find useful content and don’t want to miss any information. And yes it doesn’t even cost a penny.However note that its not like free magazine subscription those are delivered to your doorstep. Instead, you will need a Rss / Feed reader for reading the feeds. You also have the option of subscribing via email so that new updates are delivered right to your mail inbox. For reading feeds, you can try Google Reader that works both online & offline (with Google Gear). Continue reading

Space trips Just got cheaper!


 Virgin Galactic recently showed off the spaceships that will take rich passengers into sub-orbit starting as early as next year. The ships will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The picture above just shows the spaceship — SpaceShip Two, but White Knight Two, which is a plane, is required to get the spaceship high enough to launch itself into space (pictures after the jump). The plane is near completed, and the spaceship is approximately 60% done. A trip will cost you about $200,000 — which is pretty steep. For that kind of money they better give you more than a bag of peanuts and can of ginger ale for the flight. For $200,000 I’d expect at least a Burger King Value Meal. Upsized — and with a shake for no extra cost.  Read on for the oficial news on the Virgin galactic Website: Continue reading