Dell Showcases Curved Monitors – Feel the Real Widescreen Multi-Monitor Experience!

The concept behind the monitor is actually quite simple. There is a DLP rear projection unit and the picture is simply streamed to the curved screen which spans your frontal and peripheral vision space. Of course this all takes space and this thing is both wide and deep. No LCD thinness here!



Company officials said the monitor is a prototype and that the white border lines that you see in the picture will be fixed by the time the product ships.


Unfortunately, there was no mention of pricing, but we expect it to be very very expensive.

Start Drooling …… :p

5 comments on “Dell Showcases Curved Monitors – Feel the Real Widescreen Multi-Monitor Experience!

  1. whats the difference in the curved and the lat screens?

  2. @tof says:

    well, if you have ever used dual or multi monitor setup, there is a little bit of a problem while using that, because of the slim monitor borders (in case of lcd’s) that interfere with the vision. Curved monitors will remove this, and give you The same experiance without any problems !

  3. @tof says:

    To spice up the competition, we have another competitor in the market! NEC, has showcased its curved monitor. You can read the details here:

  4. Ashfame says:

    I wish I can buy one. Never mind. One day I will be working for google and blogging on that setup for sure. šŸ™‚
    hey what configuration do you have? Just curious.

  5. @tof says:

    haha, Good Intentions šŸ˜€ .. i do have a Dual monitor setup šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ 1 17″ lcd viewsonic & 1 15″ CRT Philips … loads of screen real estate šŸ˜‰ …. thats why id love to have that widescreen !

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