What is this process for??

Ever asked yourself this very question when you find some unknown process hogging your memory and making you cry to start one single program?? Is it safe enough to shut down or disable, or does a vital program need it?? Or worse, is it a Virus or a spyware ?! Well, no need to fear now, because now there is one place where you can find the answer. 


Process Library Website

Uniblue’s Process Library is a free and comprehensive online Process Library resource is for anyone who immediately wants to know the exact nature and purpose of any and every single process that is – or should not be – running on your PC. And it is simple and fast enough too, just type in the name of the process on the provided space, and all the info is right there 🙂

The security Rating gives an instant information marking the process as safe or a threat, whereas the description gives detailed information abt the software that uses the program. Also, recommendations are given which help in deciding whether to disable or stop, or kepp the process running.

An invaluable tool for cleaning an infected system, as well as removing resource hoggin process.

Oh, and one last suggestion: Dont fall for the FREE Registry Booster link, it aint free 😉

2 comments on “What is this process for??

  1. Why you are advising to not to go for the free registry?

  2. @tof says:

    well, firstly, it aint free as the ad suggests… scans the registry, and then asks for $$ cleaning more than 15 entries in the registry ! Thats the only issue … 🙂

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