Call Of Duty 4, Commander Rank Finally Achieved!

YeS ! After loads of Multiplayer Hours on International & Local Servers, i have finally achieved Rank 55 – Commander !

Actually, the total game time that the stats show is about 2 Days and 8 Hours (NO-Not Continuous!), after which i finally managed to get this rank.


One of my all time favourite Multiplayer games, proved its quality when it came out as the Most sold game in 2007. 

Not only has the game sold in excess of 7 million copies across all since its release in November, but also wound up selling the most units of any game on any system worldwide during calendar year 2007.

The game, based on the Modern trends of warfare, which include UAV recons, Air-support, Brett 0.9 Calibre Rifles, the P9 smg and loads of other outclass weapons is a true gift for multiplayer fans, and only further establishes the series after the Call of Duty 2 took the world by storm.

In Pakistan, there is One Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Server hosted by Worldcall, and open to non-wc users from 10pm-1am, while another is in the Testing phase, soon to be Launched by Micronet BroadBand, which will be a 24Hour free treat for all Pakistani Gamers!

One comment on “Call Of Duty 4, Commander Rank Finally Achieved!

  1. Renato says:

    i got lvl 55 in 20 hours of gameplay
    try getting more challanges
    like don’t use the same weapon all the time and try to kill a lot! of course

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