JustCause 2, trying to come back?

I wanted to like Just Cause. But the full game, it had problems. Made me want to scream! . It had splendid graphics, but the gameplay was ridiculous, and so were the perks such as a helicopter to ferry you down the street if you wanted !

 Well that sequel’s just had the wraps taken off, with some screenshots and info passed on to IGN. Some of the promised improvements include better enemy AI, a targeting system similar to Crackdown’s aim-at-specific-body-parts one, better vehicle handling, better vehicles (including a…Boeing 747), less “dead space” on the game’s maps and Rico’s grappling hook is now a permanent addition to your arsenal. Just Cause 2 will also be leaving South America behind, but lovers of lazy sunsets will be happy to know it’s taking place on a fictional Malay island, so you can still expect bad guys wearing bad tropical shirts to feature prominently.


Just Cause 2 First Look [IGN]


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