Blog Stats for the Month of January!

Well, this is th FIRST official month of this blog, eventhough it was created way back in late-november, but i only started posting in january 😀 . These stats are a real morale booster for me, as they show gradual steadiness in the number of views , and i do hope that this number only but continues to rise ! So without further ado, here are the stats 😀

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 Top Posts of This Month:

TopPosts of January

Views for the month of January:


BEST DAY EVER & Other Blog Stats:


6 comments on “Blog Stats for the Month of January!

  1. Ashfame says:

    Try to promote your blog more. Only then people will be able to hear your voice. Reach them. Keep trying. Blogging is a long term business.

  2. @tof says:

    well, at wordpress, it aint no buisness :(… no javascript allowed..

    I am hoping to get a domain soon, and then id be able to do something financially porfitable 🙂 … Abt promotin, what do u have in mind?

  3. Moin says:

    Nice work! go for more!

  4. @tof says:

    Thanx a bundle 🙂 am trying me best for keeping the blog updated 😀

  5. Waqas says:

    Good work buddy, i bet buying a domain name will double your stats! perhaps always go for a name that is relevant to your content to get better SEO

  6. @tof says:

    hmm, relevent is better for buisness, but l33tzone is what i like ……………….. and ill prolly go with what i like 😉

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