New Need For Speed will have open-world racing, cops, highways!

This just in: NEED FOR SPEED, one of the fantastic racing titles for EA Sports, will return this year in 2008, after a very dismal performance with their title NFS:Pro Street, with open world racing, cop chases and similar features, along with a new Highway battle Mode.




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In a presentation to industry analysts today, EA Games president Frank Gibeau revealed that the  next installment in EA’s racing franchises, Need for Speed, will return in 2008 (the franchise has been annualized since 2002’s Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2)and during the presentation, gave the analysts an early look at the direction EA would be taking with the next installment of the series.

Noting that sales of last year’s Need for Speed ProStreet didn’t live up to EA’s hopes for the game, Gibeau said he thinks it was because the series drifted too far from what consumers expected. ProStreet had dropped the tuner culture and police evasion aspects of previous installments in favor of perfectly legit closed track racing. For the next Need for Speed, Gibeau promised that the series would be getting back to its roots with a number of features, including open-world racing and a new highway battle mode.

Lets hope that EA have learned the lesson from their mistakes, that we dont want closed map racing. Rather, extreme tuning and modding with loads and loads of cops behind your tale on endless highways, in killer supercars, and a campaign story that really makes you want to finish the game.

Via: gamespot

20 comments on “New Need For Speed will have open-world racing, cops, highways!

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  2. Thats great news , i just hated prostreet. They made it too realistic and in the process took out all the fun factors.

  3. @tof says:

    Absolutely, lets hope that the ppl at EA finally listen to the people on the official nfs forums, who have been crying about this from a lon long time …

  4. […] you are a NFS fan, then L33tZone has got some updates on the latest NFS game which is in development, the good news is that the open world racing along with the cops might be […]

  5. Jawwad says:

    Nice teaser Atof but I still prefer the Burnout series (new NFS squeal may change my mind however). I have not played ProStreet but it has some very negative reviews on major site Gamespot, IGN etc which put me off.

  6. @tof says:

    Pro street was the worst nfs of the entire series, if u ask me, Thats why i am hopeing that they will bring back the likes of NFS4 and Most Wanted … lets hope they (EA) listen to fans 😀

  7. gilani rockz... says:

    guyzzzzzzzzzzz wht is in ur minds…. we need game like underground and underground 2 not like carbon and prostreet so tell these EA company tht we need underground 3. peace.

  8. c0d3r says:

    Actually U1&2 were the base that built MW .. and the main thing they lacked was 1) Cops .. 2) Gfx (wrt MW) .. 3) A HugE Open Roam Mode..

    Thats why i (along with most of the nfs fans) rate MW as the Best NFS Ever (2nd is NFS4 .. in its time)

  9. cemerson says:

    pro street sucked i thougt that it was going to be good but i was completly mad when i played it for the first time i thougt it was gay all around

  10. Cesar says:

    Hey you people you are wrong because needforspeed Pro street was a asome game for my ps2. But I think that there was something wrong to. They forgot to add Cops. This year they should make a better Nfs game. with better highways. like in underground 2.

  11. ivailo says:

    is there any teaser out for the new nfs

  12. Mo786 says:

    Yup, nfs started going downhill frm carbon already.Underground was a classic and my personal favourite Most Wanted was awsome!!!
    Hope this one gnna be good,nfs needs free roam again thats for sure.

  13. Lucho says:

    what they really should do is look at the older versions and take the best out of the great ones, they should do something like a nfs: most wanted and nfs: underground 2, for me those 2 versions where the best, NEED FOR SPEED: MOST UNDERGROUND WANTED!!!!!!

  14. Lucho says:

    they should take the gameplay and story like of most wanted with all the tuning options we had in underground 1 and 2

  15. nick says:

    pro street sucked if they release the new one they need to back to underground 2 and be able to put subs in the car and other things like that and have a mode for u to have the optunity to do up a car in side and out in great detail and put it on show for online only

  16. yeaaaaa brooooo Prostreeeet suckeed like the demo was kool when it first came out cuzzz i thought it wass gonna be open racing instead when i got tha game ha first day it came out i dint like it at all and took it back and got most wanted after i beat it likee 3 times in a row, ithink prosteet was tha worst off all of them and it kinda upsetted me bc i was lookin soo foward to playin it, but yeaaaa ea should make a game to where its like day and night and its in a tropical place, I always loved thee story modes they were the shiiitttt but yea, i hope EA listens to the fans and gives them want a want. ANOTHER KICKASSS NFS

  17. everybody here has good ideas soo ithink we should alll write ea and tell em, cuzz tht tight yea u2 was tha shit tooo, tht and most wanted was my favorite carbon was alright dint realli impresss me too much, but yeaaa i always HAVE THE NEED FOR SPEEED soo yea i think we should allwrite ea and tell em wusssup

  18. Nik aka bala says:

    Prostreet sucked so bad dat i almost cried.diz guyz shuld make a game like underground 2 n mw mixed al together n it shuld b a very long game dat u can even travel al ova da world n c cops frm al ova da dat wuld b da best nfs eva made n i dont care hw long dey take to make it i jst wnt it.peace

  19. Given says:

    may you please send me the track files of nfs most wanted….i need them for the game to play……thank you

  20. austin says:

    UNDERGROUND 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ

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