Far Cry 2 to be set in African Savanna & Jungles

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Intel offered gaming fans at the GDC08, a peek of the yet to be released Far Cry2, being developed by Crytek, using the new CryTek2 Engine. Intel offered a more in-depth look at Far Cry 2 in action this week at GDC with a special build of the game that demonstrated how Havok physics will be used for Far Cry 2’s African setting.


One major difference from the original Far Cry Series will be that Far Cry 2 will move the series from the tropical island of the original title to an unnamed African territory with an expansive savanna and jungles to explore.

The game is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal and will run on the new Dunia game engine, which was built specifically for Far Cry 2 with an emphasis on destructible environments, storm effects, and realistic night-and-day lighting.


Intel had a brief demo of the game running at its booth on the GDC exhibit floor. Since the demo was designed specifically to show off the environment and lighting effects, there were no enemies to shoot. However, shooting the trees displayed some impressive physics effects. An Intel official fired his pistol and assault rifle at a variety of foliage and the trees and bushes reacted uniquely every time.



Another impressive aspect of the game, the storm effects, was on display in the demo. The game seamlessly changed from a sun-scorched savanna to cloudy, rain-soaked plains, for example. The wind effects blew leaves, brush and even clouds across the screen for even further immersion. Meanwhile, the demo also showed off the real-time progression from day to night, moving the sun slowly overhead while also subtly changing the game’s lighting.

2 comments on “Far Cry 2 to be set in African Savanna & Jungles

  1. FAR CRY was a beauty. I wonder what it will behave like and what type of system will it need.

  2. kenny says:

    magnificient, pls do send more o my email address

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