L33tzone is back in action!

Yeah…… ive  been away for about three weeks now, but i was busy in some work. But Fear not! Im Back in action and sure have some real neat stuff for everybody to read D

And best of all: L33tzone has a new HoMe! Yes, i finally got my own domain … and ill be experimenting with different word press related things too.. so please do visit and comment !

{ www.l33tzone.com }

And Keep watching this blog along with the new .com for sizzling new posts!

3 comments on “L33tzone is back in action!

  1. Welcome back buddy and congrats on getting a domain

  2. c0d3r says:

    Thanx m8 😀 The decision came after a lot of work on asp / css / php … coz they arnt my field… however i was always interested in html / js … so it actually made me learn a lot of new things 😀

    I did edit a the theme a little and will be tinkering abt more in the future 😀

    (PS: Ive switched back to my original nick that most ppl know me with : c0d3r ………… @tof is a nick only a few very close ppl know .. so i hope there is no more confusion 😀

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