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Activision – Blizzard Merger: The Details Unveiled

Yes, its true! Activision, makers of splendid titles such as MechWarrior 2, The Quake series (with the exception of the first version of Quake), Civilization: Call to Power (1999), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (1999), Call of Duty series (2003–), Doom 3 (2004) and Guitar Hero seriesagreed for a merger with makers of Legendary games sucha s StarCraft and Warcraft, as announced on 2nd Dec, 2007.

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Portal Still Alive: New Puzzles but no new plot.

Speaking with Valve’s Doug Lombardi earlier this week at E3, Kotaku got onto the topic of the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Portal.

“The main idea is that this is Portal available as a download, and there is additional content as advanced challenges that will be available to you after you finish the critical path of the game.

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Nvidia + Ati = Collaborate to inflate prices! OMG!

The heart and soul of any Gaming system is the Graphic Card. And there are two major companies that provide the soul, namely Nvidia and Ati (now acquired by AMD). For ages these companies have been engadged in cut-throat competition, trying to bet the other in every possible way, resulting in great advancement of the Graphics Technology and more joy for gamers. But all is at stake, if the rumor turns out to be true!

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