Introducing the l33tzone Wallpaper Gallery

l33tzone is proud to announce a custom wallpaper gallery of its own 😀 Yes, featuring game wallpapers, ingame screenshots, Photoshop works, Cartoons and animated movies wallpapers, and a load of other images :)The gallery shall be updated from time to time, so i recommend you adding it yo your rss reader 😀 Head over there and enjoy, and dont forget to comment 😀

One comment on “Introducing the l33tzone Wallpaper Gallery

  1. Bites85 says:

    Hi Friends,

    Recently i wrote an article ‘Google is biased’ on Propakistani.
    Here is the link to my article: .

    In this article i raised the issue to have a Google Happy Eid Doodle for Muslims and Pakistanis.And asked Google to show it on Google Pakistan on the Eid day.

    Happily i got a reply from Google Pakistan.They appreciated the proposal.According to some close sources we have made a buzz in Silicone Valley.Google is considering the Doodle for Muslims.

    A fellow blogger Dr.Awab a.k.a Teeth Maestro also wrote a similar post.
    Here is its link: .He also pointed out the same issue.

    But it’s not confirmed by Google that we will see the Doodle or not.So what we have to do is this that if you want to see Doodle this Eid and all coming Eid’s,write an article like mine’s urging and asking Google to make a Doodle for Eid.

    If only we all bloggers of Pakistan work together can make this a reality.

    So please visit my article,leave a comment and write one on your blog too.

    But please don’t forget to link and ping back your article to my original article here as i deserve it:

    So lets get working,make this a reality and gift this to our nation on this Eid.

    Please forward this email and spread the word.



    Zeeshan Shafquat a.k.a Bites85

    M: +92-322-5168949

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