Lamborghini Gallardo Makeover

Geekologie reports the existance of a Lambo with a complete Sharpie paint job ! The car was penned by Prestige Lamborghini of Miami and took two weeks to create and cover with a clear coat. So what do you think? I for one like it actually, even though it does take some coolness out of the lambo. Check out more pics on!


2 comments on “Lamborghini Gallardo Makeover

  1. Hey your car is really tight!!!!
    It’s bad A$*…. Hell Ye@h********
    Lub U=]

  2. Hunter Russell says:

    actually the car has no clear coat. this was done so that the owner of the car, Brett David, owner of Lamboghini Miami/ Palm Beach, could show the ‘wear and taer of life.’ Its supposed to be a symbol of life and the more you are alive (or in this case, the more you drive the car) we become old (or the paint fades).

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