L33tzone is back in action!

Yeah…… ive  been away for about three weeks now, but i was busy in some work. But Fear not! Im Back in action and sure have some real neat stuff for everybody to read D

And best of all: L33tzone has a new HoMe! Yes, i finally got my own domain … and ill be experimenting with different word press related things too.. so please do visit and comment !

{ www.l33tzone.com }

And Keep watching this blog along with the new .com for sizzling new posts!


Blog Stats for the Month of February!

Well, February was the second month of this blog, and the upward trend of the number of visitors is encouraging me more to post stuff on this blog 😀 L33tzone will very soon have its own domain, InshahAllah, and i hope that that would bring more search results to this blog of mine 😀 … So without further ado, here are the stats for the month of February 😀 

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Microsoft offering $44.6 Billion for Yahoo!


Microsoft just announced what has been rumored forever: a formal offer for Yahoo. Microsoft’s proposal to Yahoo’s board of directors represents $31 per share (a 62% premium over yesterday’s closing price) or about $44.6 Billion. Steve Ballmer, CEO and big fan of developers, says, “We have great respect for Yahoo!, and together we can offer an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market.” Apparently, the deal was laid out in a letter sent by Ballmer to Yahoo’s board just yesterday. Seriously. The letter confirms that the two giants have been discussing the topic since late 2006. It also appears to be a direct response to the Google threat as outlined in the following paragraph:

“Today, the market is increasingly dominated by one player who is consolidating its dominance through acquisition. Together, Microsoft and Yahoo! can offer a credible alternative for consumers, advertisers, and publishers.”

The deal, of course, rests with the two coming to a “merger agreement” and Microsoft (and Yahoo to a limited degree) having the time to conduct the required due diligence. Microsoft is ready to begin immediate discussions and have a draft merger agreement ready for consideration. So Yahoo, ball’s in your court. The world is wondering… what will you do?

Source: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/01/microsoft-offers-44-6-billion-for-yahoo/

Blog Stats for the Month of January!

Well, this is th FIRST official month of this blog, eventhough it was created way back in late-november, but i only started posting in january 😀 . These stats are a real morale booster for me, as they show gradual steadiness in the number of views , and i do hope that this number only but continues to rise ! So without further ado, here are the stats 😀

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What is RSS / Feed?

Thanks to a splendid article over on Ashfame, this clearly describes on of the most benificial technology in use today, esp by bloggers.


What is RSS / Feeds?

RSS / Feeds is a technology used by millions of computer users nowadays to keep them self updated with the latest happenings from their favorite website without the need of manually visiting the websites regularly. Its like taking a subscription of the website where you find useful content and don’t want to miss any information. And yes it doesn’t even cost a penny.However note that its not like free magazine subscription those are delivered to your doorstep. Instead, you will need a Rss / Feed reader for reading the feeds. You also have the option of subscribing via email so that new updates are delivered right to your mail inbox. For reading feeds, you can try Google Reader that works both online & offline (with Google Gear). Continue reading

The FontBook – A Book only on Fonts !

Well, it cant get any geeky than this! I mean a Book on Fonts! Yes, at 99$, this book gives editors, bloggers, web-designers, photoshop’ers etc etc, a complete detail about all the fonts that you can imagine! Some specs of the books are FontBook

  • Weight: 3kg (6.6 lb) ———- unbelievable, but true!
  • Height: 29.7 cm (11.7 in)
  • Width: 15.5 cm (6.1 in)
  • Pages: 1,760
  • Type Samples: 32,000  ——- Yes, 32,000!
  • Type Foundries: 90
  • Cross-references: 7,400 —— so you can see simillar fonts too.
  • Other References: 100,000
  • Read on for the complete details:

    (oh, and btw, this is the 4th edition !)