Water on Mars: Now a reality, NASA Confirms findings.

NASA has confirmed that the Phoenix Mars Lander has identified water on Mars, while heating samples of soil it found in a trench. This is the first real instance of confirmed water samples on mars, and thus pave the way for finding positive signs of life on Mars, because water is a requirement for life as we know it. Heating of samples and resulting vapor led scientists to conclude that the rover had identified water for the first time.



Space trips Just got cheaper!


¬†Virgin Galactic recently showed off the spaceships that will take rich passengers into sub-orbit starting as early as next year. The ships will take off from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The picture above just shows the spaceship — SpaceShip Two, but White Knight Two, which is a plane, is required to get the spaceship high enough to launch itself into space (pictures after the jump). The plane is near completed, and the spaceship is approximately 60% done. A trip will cost you about $200,000 — which is pretty steep. For that kind of money they better give you more than a bag of peanuts and can of ginger ale for the flight. For $200,000 I’d expect at least a Burger King Value Meal. Upsized — and with a shake for no extra cost.¬† Read on for the oficial news on the Virgin galactic Website: Continue reading