What is this process for??

Ever asked yourself this very question when you find some unknown process hogging your memory and making you cry to start one single program?? Is it safe enough to shut down or disable, or does a vital program need it?? Or worse, is it a Virus or a spyware ?! Well, no need to fear now, because now there is one place where you can find the answer. 


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FREE 1GB Webspace !

Since the time i got to know the fact that there are “Free Webspace” available online with Yahoo Briefcase, i have had quite an interest in getting the most use out of them. The Simple fact that the data uploaded can be retrieved at anytime and anyplace (with an Internet – (preferably Broadband 😉 connerction available), has many advantages. Whether it is for hosting stuff for your friends, or hosting stuff for your website / forum post, free webspaces come in real handy.

Back in the older days, when a 25MB Hotmail Inbox, and a 50MB yahoo Inbox were the best things in the world, a 50MB Space at Yahoo Briefcase had a lot of value. And now that Microsoft has unveiled quite a few new features since their Windows Live services have been anounced. One of the most interesting things is Windows Live SkyDrive.

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