Call Of Duty 4 Mapping Contest deadline coming nearer…

The folks at Infinity Ward are inviting players to create and submit their own custom multiplayer maps for use with call of Duty 4. With the release of the 1.5 Mod Tools patch, PC users will be able to submit their home made maps to the COD4 team who will be choosing their favorites on March 31. cod4

From the Infinity ward website:

” What’s your dream map? Wide open spaces perfect for sniping, or close quarters combat with plenty of cover to bound back and forth from? Maybe a nice mixture with plenty of avenues to attack from and some perfect choke points you can ambush from with the right amount of team work. Whatever you think makes a good multiplayer map, we want to see it. Most importantly, we want your best work.”

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CryTek shocase CryEngine2, that will run on $600 Machines!

Crysis, the game made on the CryTek1 engine, defined a new era by giving us astounding graphics based on Dx10, and set a new hallmark in game development. However, even the beastiest of machines cry down on their knees when running Crysis at full graphics, and benchmarks of systems having Quad-Sli Nvidia 8800GTX cards, and running on Intel C2Quad processors gave a maximum FPS of a meagre 35 !
So the Important thing about CryTek2 Engine to me, is Not more splendid Graphics, but the claim that it would be able to run on systems made under $600, keyboards and mouse combined ! Here is the Full news:

Crytek GnbH will be showing off their CryENGINE 2 and Sandbox 2 game editor on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 at this year’s Game Developers Conference.

The company will also be showing how a computer that can be made for less than $600 can run their fully-optimized engine. I suspect that might, just might be because of their PC-crushing game Crysis. It will be interested to find out what sort of tweaks they did to the engine to get it to run on the 360 and PS3, and more importantly if they tweaked each version differently to help play to their individual strong suits. Continue reading

StarCraft 2 Gameplay Videos !

Yes, im an Official Fan of Starcraft Franchise, and love it to the very core :D.

Starcraft 2

 Sometime ago, StarCraft 2 was announced, and it is being awaited with a lot of anticipation from all of its fans. In september, Blizzard announced uploaded a Gameplay video of Starcraft 2, and eventhough the 681MB video, in 1280×720 resolution is a BiG file…. but it is totally worth it! Also in the video, are technology showcase for the game, as well as newer units such as the Thor. For all fans, it is definitely woth a look-see.
You can find it along with few other moves here:

Also, here is the Intro Cinematic Video of Starcraft 2:

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