Far Cry 2 to be set in African Savanna & Jungles

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Intel offered gaming fans at the GDC08, a peek of the yet to be released Far Cry2, being developed by Crytek, using the new CryTek2 Engine.┬áIntel offered a more in-depth look at Far Cry 2 in action this week at GDC with a special build of the game that demonstrated how Havok physics will be used for Far Cry 2’s African setting.


One major difference from the original Far Cry Series will be that Far Cry 2 will move the series from the tropical island of the original title to an unnamed African territory with an expansive savanna and jungles to explore.

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Intel being Sued for C2D Infringement

Intel Coorporation is being sued by The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for patent Infringement of “Wisconsin-Madison invention that significantly improves the efficiency and speed of computer processing”.

WARF filed this complaint to ensure that the interests of the UW-Madison and its inventors are protected and that WARF receives the compensation to which it is entitled for Intel’s unlicensed use of the invention. This compensation will be used to advance continued research at the university. The foundation’s complaint identifies the Intel CoreTM 2 Duo microarchitecture as infringing WARF’s United States Patent No. 5,781,752, entitled “Table Based Data Speculation Circuit for Parallel Processing Computer.”

The technology, patented in 1998, was developed by four researchers at the UW-Madison, including Professor Gurindar Sohi, currently the chair of the university’s Computer Science Department. Intel has aggressively marketed the benefits of this invention as a feature of its Core 2 technology. “The technology significantly enhances opportunities for instruction level parallelism in modern processors, thereby increasing their execution speed,” states Michael Falk, WARF general counsel.


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