Blog Stats for the Month of February!

Well, February was the second month of this blog, and the upward trend of the number of visitors is encouraging me more to post stuff on this blog 😀 L33tzone will very soon have its own domain, InshahAllah, and i hope that that would bring more search results to this blog of mine 😀 … So without further ado, here are the stats for the month of February 😀 

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Blog Stats for the Month of January!

Well, this is th FIRST official month of this blog, eventhough it was created way back in late-november, but i only started posting in january 😀 . These stats are a real morale booster for me, as they show gradual steadiness in the number of views , and i do hope that this number only but continues to rise ! So without further ado, here are the stats 😀

L33tZone Logo

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… and the Blogosphere has a new Blogger :)

Assalam-0-alaikum !

Howdy !

Helooooooooo !

Bonjour !

Aloha !

Konnichi wa!


Доброе утро!


Xin Chao!

Ni Hao!

…………………….. and others not found on Wiki 😉

As you might have guessed (if you didnt read the title i.e;) that this is Yours Truly’s First Post 😀 And not the last one by any means. The first Post is the real tough one, because before posting this post, so much had to be done, lots of settings,plaing around in wordpress, etc etc etc. But Finally its here 🙂

I shall try my level best to share all that i have, all that i find interesting, and provide good content on this blog, and hope that all my readers will share their thoughts as well 🙂

Ciao & Adious for now……. Till the next post … !