Activision – Blizzard Merger: The Details Unveiled

Yes, its true! Activision, makers of splendid titles such as MechWarrior 2, The Quake series (with the exception of the first version of Quake), Civilization: Call to Power (1999), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (1999), Call of Duty series (2003–), Doom 3 (2004) and Guitar Hero seriesagreed for a merger with makers of Legendary games sucha s StarCraft and Warcraft, as announced on 2nd Dec, 2007.

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Starcraft Turns 10


StarCraft, arguably one of the most splendid strategy game of all times, turned 10 on March 31. The first copy of the game was released on 31st March, 1998, and sold 1.5 million copies in its first year, ultimately reaching 9.5 million copies.

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