Create your own cool TF2 Death Signs!

Team Fortress 2 introduced these cute little comic style Death signs that are generated on every frag. Now you can generate the same cool sgns with your own text and using any weapon from the entire weapon database. Also featuring customizable team colours and dark or light backgrounds, just like in tf2, its a real sweet script ! And Free ! Read on for example shots and the link.


Guide to Running Non Steam Team Fortress 2

Uptill now, i had only wished of playing Team Fortress 2 on international server, as i did not have the luxury of buying the game and playing it on International servers. One of the reasons is the intervention of Steam, which at times, i find to be a real pain for gamers :S

So Following is a guide to run Team Fortress 2 on Regular servers, without any problems, AND have all the unlocks available ! And it is also compatible with steam!

Read the entire Guide here: L33tzone