What the Blog is all about…



Well, This is my first shot at blogging, and when i created this blog, the main idea behind it was that i have a space where i can share all that i know, all that i find interesting, all that i think that describes pretty much what i am.

This blog is exactly what the title page says it is about! :

All about Gaming, Technology, Gadgets, Electronics & Cars ……. and a few more things that i could not fit into the title 😉 … Things such as Space Updates, Cartoons, Various finds on the internet, tips and tricks, Tutorials on various softwares and work-arounds etc etc etc ….. (as you might have guesed, its a preeeety long list 😉 .

Out of the above, the things that will be mentioned the most will be:

 Gaming: Because thats what i do ! Gaming is a major component of my life 🙂 Singleplayer or Multiplayer… Strategy or FPS….. i play them all !

Technology: Because thats what advancement is all about! They shape our lives, change our way of living, if properly used, i might add !

Electronics Design & Development:  If you have been to my About page, you might know that i am a MECHATRONICS Engineer, from College of EME, NUST, Pakistan … and thus, Electronics Design, Embedded Systems and Robotics are my fields 🙂

C A R S:  Well, that is again one of my major interests 🙂 A Serious Car-Freak, TopGear / Fifth Gear Watcher….etc etc….


…………………… and lots of other stuff, which would share over time.


Hope the readers have a wonderful time reading what i have to say ….. 🙂

Please dont hesitate to comment. 😀


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