Introducing the l33tzone Wallpaper Gallery

l33tzone is proud to announce a custom wallpaper gallery of its own 😀 Yes, featuring game wallpapers, ingame screenshots, Photoshop works, Cartoons and animated movies wallpapers, and a load of other images :)The gallery shall be updated from time to time, so i recommend you adding it yo your rss reader 😀 Head over there and enjoy, and dont forget to comment 😀


Windows 7: Build 6780 Screenshots Revealed

Microsoft recently released a Windows 7 build, codenamed “Milestone 3 (build 6780)” of their upcoming operating system to a few selected partners and manufacturers. They still haven’t revealed the final name for the OS, as is evident from the build name 🙂

This time the screenshots went up online first at ThinkNext, and in part 1 of their post (no part 2 as yet), there are quire a few interesting things to note. Firstly, the GUI is a slightly updated version of Vista, their current flagship OS. But there are (visual) changes reflected in these screenshots, but still no details as to changes under the hood. Especially worth noting are the changes in Calculator, Notepad and Paint! Notepad gets a MS Office like ribbon, along with Paint, which will be a much welcomed update to these very old porgrames.

Also of extreme interest is the Linux like Power ShellScriptin enviornment. Not much info is available, but it really looks interesting !

Fore more pictures, head over to  the main post at

Fore more pictures, head over to  the main post at

Interesting Google Earth Finds

Found this very interesting topic on Digg. As you know, google earth takes snapshots of a particular area and makes them avilable for users of Google Earth Software, and these snapshots are generally updated after three odd months atleast, unless its a place of high importance or event. The following article at the-amazing had quite a few such snapshots compiled in one place. Read further for some sample screen shots, and more at the My New Blog.

and a few more after the link!

1GB Disk 20 years ago and Now: Feel the Difference!

This article has been on Digg for quite some time now, but is totally worth reposting here. Credits to the original author for the post. The picture is a comparison of 1GB Disk that was available 20years back when this must have been an infinite amount of space. And the size that the 1GB has reduced to now. Makes you wonder about the technological advancement for the next 20 years!

Create your own cool TF2 Death Signs!

Team Fortress 2 introduced these cute little comic style Death signs that are generated on every frag. Now you can generate the same cool sgns with your own text and using any weapon from the entire weapon database. Also featuring customizable team colours and dark or light backgrounds, just like in tf2, its a real sweet script ! And Free ! Read on for example shots and the link.