One-Stop Freewares for all your virus worries…

If you are an frequent pc user then you must have faced faced one of these problems atleast Once ….

Viruses Detected !
  • Disabled Taskmanager, Regestry editor, Folder Options, Hidden Files option… etc etc…
  • Right Click on your partition icon, and there is a “Autoplay” icon on top set as default…
  • When you right click on one of your hard drive partitions, do you see some new items with garbage text?
  • When you doubleclick on one of your hard drive partitions, does it show you some unexpected results
  • Computer Boots up with an error about missing SSVICHOSST.EXE
  • Sick and tired of constantly seeing the New Folder.exe file in the root path of every storage media you have?
  • There is a¬†new folder inside every folder you have
  • Antivirus is Disabled and explorer closes when you even write antivirus anywhere…

Even i have seen the amount of damage these viruses and malwares cause, apart from the annoyances they give, and the only way to clean an infected system previously known to me was by spending about half an hour in command prompt, registry editior etc, so that once all the instances of the virus are deleted, the system can be declared clean. Sadly, none of the Antivirus available are able to clean a system, once it has been infected, even with all the latest updates and patches applied.

And just like me, if you are someone who has been fed up of removing all these malwares, viruses etc, MANUALLY, each time via command prompt or some other method on your friends computer, your bosses computer, your brother’s computer… etc etc etc…. THEN Finally there is a tool that takes care of these things Automatically ! ……..

Yes all you have to do is click Start !

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